Online Resources

Confident Parents Thriving Kids
Thriving Kids is a family-focused coaching service effective in reducing mild to moderate behavioural problems and promoting healthy child development in children ages 3-12. The program is offered at no cost to BC families, and coaches are available to meet with parents during day, evening and weekend hours to meet each family’s needs.

 Friends for Life – Parents’ Program
The goal is to educate parents and families about the FRIENDS program that is being delivered in many B.C. classrooms and to equip them with family-friendly tools and information to practice the FRIENDS program skills together at home.

FRIENDS is proven effective as both a universal resiliency building program, as well as a targeted early intervention anxiety reduction program for children. The online BC FRIENDS Parent Program has many resources, videos and tools available to parents in British Columbia

Mental Health challenges are hard. People are struggling, whether you’re living it or working in it, or both. It’s really hard. And it doesn’t need to be so hard. FamilySmart

knows some ways to make it easier. FamilySmart

means seeing each other, hearing each other, being kind to each other. It can make things easier and it can save lives.

 Questions about Medications
Information and resources in plain language to help you make an informed decision. Printable information in plain language on use of specific medications in children and adolescents is available fr

Teen Mental Health
Resources and information designed to help you support the ones you love, while ensuring you take care of yourself while doing so.

The Healthy Living … It’s in Everyone Toolkit for Families
Includes information, resources, and tools to help children and youth with mental health challenges develop healthy living habits.

Kelty Mental Health for Parents & Caregivers
Here you will find information and resources on topics related to mental health challenges affecting youth and young adults.

Family Toolkit for Mental Health
When a family member suffers from a mental illness, one of the most important things to do is to take the time to learn about the disorder. The Family Toolkit was designed to assist families in caring for a family member with a mental illness by providing information and practical resources.