Phone Apps

Always There
A password protected space for you to log your feelings, flip through a ton of youth-submitted tips, inspirational quotes, and jokes aimed at helping you cope with stress. The app can also connect you directly with a Kids Help Phone counsellor over the phone, or through Live Chat.

Manage your personal wellness journey and earn achievements as your sidekick guides you through a series of daily quests designed to establish and sustain positive habits.

Breathe is a friendly, simple tool to guide people of all ages and backgrounds through meditations for mindfulness and compassion.

Free and easy online relaxation moments

The app helps you reframe negative and anxious thoughts, building your mental muscles so that you can cope much better with life’s ups and downs.

MindShift is an app designed to help teens and young adults cope with anxiety. It includes strategies to deal with everyday anxiety, as well as specific tools to tackle certain types of anxiety such as test anxiety, performance anxiety, and social anxiety.

Mood FX
MoodFx is an interactive mobile-optimized website designed to help people with depression and anxiety by providing simple and scientifically valid methods for monitoring symptoms and functioning.

My3 – Support Network
This is an app created to help you stay safe when you are having thoughts of suicide. It lets you program in your contacts for 3 people in your Circle of Care, as well as access 911 easily. It also helps you create and pull up your customized safety plan in times of need.

Optimism is designed to help you increase your understanding of all the things that affect your mental health. The apps act as a springboard to detect patterns in your health and develop strategies to proactively manage depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental health conditions.

SuperBetter is an app that encourages you to stay optimistic and motivated in the face of adversity and challenges. The app is designed to make you the superhero of your own mental health. You can activate power ups, battle bad guys, and complete quests.

Helps you manage your stress and enrich your life.